Google’s tilt brush is
The first great VR app

When the HTC Vive headset goes on sale today, the virtual reality community has a challenge: A whole load of non-gamers who are eager to check out virtual reality, but haven’t necessarily logged in hundreds of PlayStation and Xbox hours. For those non-gamers—and everyone else—one of the most intuitive virtual reality apps created is there to help them explore their world: a painting app, of all things.

Tilt Brush is Google’s self-proclaimed app for “Painting in 3D space with virtual reality,” comes bundled with the headset, and is the first great art app for virtual reality. Using the app and the controllers on systems like the Vive, users can create amazingly detailed artwork. It’s intuitive, intensely immersive, and does something funny… While a user plays around with the different brushes and pencils and zooms, they learn how to use the virtual reality controllers.

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