LRP launches special Ed Tech eNewsletter!

Schools are incorporating new technology into classrooms at breakneck speed.

You can now turn to LRP’s Special Ed Tech eNewsletter to help you find ways to raise achievement for students with disabilities using emerging and assistive technologies.

The stories and features in each monthly issue are devoted to a wide range of technology topics as they apply to special education. This includes insights from the field to help you adopt or enhance efforts to differentiate instruction, promote universal design for learning practices, address accessibility and accommodation issues via mobile learning devices, and keep up to speed on student data privacy issues.

You’ll also gain expert advice to serve students with disabilities in online and blended learning environments and raise digital literacy and other skills to meet state standards. And this eNewsletter explores ways to help you use new instructional apps for special needs students, as well as to navigate emerging legal issues at the intersection of technology and special education.

Another key benefit of subscribing is the unique access LRP reporters have to the hundreds of experts who present at LRP’s national Future of Education Technology Conference, the premier annual event on integrating education technology within preK-12 schools.

May 16, 2016

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