Cheap (yet valuable) learning space redesign

When school leaders hear the phrase “learning space redesign,” many immediately envision dollar signs and downplay any possibilities because of limited budgets. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as learning space redesign doesn’t have to be costly. A few gallons of paint, taking the time to declutter, a few yard sales, and thinking creatively can provide the needed fresh look, flexibility, and tools to complete a learning space redesign. As such, school leaders should start by thinking creatively, not costly.

As educators consider redesign, especially in older, traditional spaces, starting with a school library, foyer, or classroom reading nook can lay the groundwork for a new mindset of what’s feasible in meeting the needs of modern learners. Today’s educators have become adept at creating incredible spaces and resources on very limited budgets by thinking differently. So how can we create workable spaces for kids without breaking the bank?

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